15 Simple Tips to Reduce Your AWS Cloud Cost

Chetan Agrawal

If you have taken up the challenge to cut down your organization’s AWS cloud spending, this is for you. Looking at hefty AWS monthly bill, typically most of the people will start looking for HELP outside, they will evaluate some tools, seek expert advice, do readings, and more reading. There is nothing wrong here, but in this whole process, you lose one crucial element ‘time’ which costs you money with cloud’s ‘Pay as you Go’ model. Here I will share few simple tips which you can start following right away and see the immediate benefits.

Most of these recommendations apply to POC/Dev/QA/Staging workloads. Also, as EC2 contributes to most of the monthly bill, most of the recommendations are for EC2 and related services.

Here it goes –

  1. AWS Region – For development/test workload where latency is not a concern, choose less expensive AWS areas. US geographies are a lot less expensive than Asian geography.
  2. EC2 instance families have different costs, if performance is not a concern, choose cheaper family instances like t2 or m4. I find this website very useful to quickly check EC2 pricing: https://www.ec2instances.info/
  3. Always start with smaller size instances. If required you can anytime scale your instance vertically. Same applies to EBS disks.

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