5 Steps for Cost Savings on AWS

Maxim Rozin

Cost savings is a top priority for almost every customer we talk to at Rackspace. The first thing most customers want help with when attempting to reduce costs with AWS is the purchase of Reserved Instances (RIs). With RIs, customers can trade a time commitment to a specific instance type or family for a discount (up to 75 percent) from AWS.

As tempting as it may be to run off and make a commitment to RIs right off the bat, it can quickly turn into a costly mistake. We advise that you slow down and take stock before committing to anything.

At Rackspace, we practice a tried and true approach, blending our AWS expertise and integrated tooling to maximize your cost savings on AWS (we help solve a lot of other challenges, too — but this post is all about cost savings). We’ll explore the steps in this article (spoiler alert: RIs are the last step).

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