7 Ways To Reduce Your AWS Bill

Ayeni Oluwakemi

Most companies are spending way too much on compute and storage than necessary — especially on capital expenses for excess capacity in their on-premises data centers required to support peak demand.

The shift to public cloud providers such as AWS allows companies to increase the utilization rates of their workloads, while simultaneously reducing their overall costs. Substituting traditional up-front hardware purchases with the more efficient pay-as-you-go model offers significant advantages.

The massive scale at which AWS operates also benefits their customers — ever increasing economies of scale enables them to continually reduce the pricing of compute and storage services. For example, AWS has reduced the per GB storage price of S3 by 80% since the service was first introduced in 2006.

AWS can drastically change your economic model of running infrastructure and platform services — but only when used correctly.

Show Me the Money!

When building applications and workloads on AWS, you need to take control over the economic model of your architecture. It’s important to think beyond the basic pricing advantages compared to on-premises data centers, and investigate how to effectively use the services to lower your AWS bill.

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