Creating a Blueprint for Microservices and Event Sourcing on AWS

Alessandro Bologna

This is the third instalment of your quest for an architectural holy grail, where you have been mercilessly strangling monoliths and courageously fighting monster architectures to finally embrace the brave new world of container orchestration with kubernetes and microservices.

It’s time now to embark yourself in yet another exhilarating part of this story, where you will build an Event Sourcing/CQRS/microservices architecture along with your monolithic application, all by yourself, with just a little help from your friendly neighbourhood cloud provider, Amazon Web Services.

I need to add a disclaimer here to prevent unneeded cloud wars: this is about building this architecture on the AWS platform, leveraging AWS specific managed services. While I don’t think that every cloud provider is created equal, I also think that the other two in the top tier, Azure and GCP will provide you with enough tools to build everything, if not today, tomorrow for sure. I just happen to know AWS more.

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