How to continuously deploy a static website in style using GitHub and AWS

Kyle Galbraith

GitHub Actions is gaining popularity for its simplicity and for the fact that a ton of repositories live in GitHub already. With the general availability of Actions, it's now easy to incorporate your CI/CD practices into your repository. Before we use to have to use third-party tools like Travis CI, CircleCI, or other CI/CD providers. But with GitHub Actions, we can keep all our CI/CD processes next to our repository with one simple yaml file.

In this post, we are going to quickly explore how we can continuously deploy our static websites to AWS S3 using GitHub Actions. This post assumes that you are hosting a static website out of AWS S3 and that you have a Git repository for that site living at GitHub. If you don't currently have a static website hosted on AWS S3, consider checking out this post to get you started or check out my Learn AWS By Using It course for a deeper dive.

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