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Automate your API development

Paragon gives you the power to visually build production-ready API workflows and microservices in minParagon gives you the power to visually build production-ready API workflows and microservices in minutes.


Code Control Flows Within Your Apps

Build and run event-driven processes in days instead of months. ETL, in-product user notifications... SDK + orchestration engine for #php #nodejs #python #ruby


No-Code AWS Automation

Create cloud management platform using powerful pictorial workflows that enables one to automate specific tasks triggered.

TotalCloud essentially removes the problem of those difficult to manage repetitive tasks on AWS at the root by enabling you to create workflows to automate your daily, repetitive activities on AWS.

With our powerful, drag-and-drop WorkFlow Editor, you can create a workflow within seconds. Adding to that we have built-in templates to help you out a step further. It’s as simple as saying ‘AWS’. Simply, Sign-up and setup an IAM role for us. Pick a template or start from scratch with our powerful Workflow Editor. Setup the workflows and start relaxing! Get complete and untethered control of AWS activities with TotalCloud. Sign-up to start now!


Unify your desktops/servers/cloud/edge devices to run containers / K8s

Kazuhm SaaS platform unifies the compute resources of an organization from desktops, to servers, to cloud, to edge, creating a private grid to place and process containerized workloads, optimize IT costs, security, and performance.

Through an easy user interface, customers leverage Kazuhm today to simplify Kubernetes and the deployment of popular data science applications, build their own private distributed compute networks, run workloads on-premises enabling the lowest possible latency, and easily manage multi-cloud and hybrid cloud environments.


A Pocket-like app for teams on Slack

Paperbot saves the links shared on your Slack channels into a neat web interface, iOS or Android app or email digest, so you can view at anytime from anywhere. It takes out the noise and declutters your most important resources. Never miss another link again!


Cloud computing IDE for iPad

Juno is an iPad client for Jupyter Notebook, an interactive cloud computing environment, where you can combine code execution, Markdown, LaTeX, plots, and rich media.

Jupyter supports over 40 programming languages (including Python, R, Julia and Scala) and most big data tools, such as Apache Spark, Pandas, scikit-learn, ggplot2 and TensorFlow. And the most beautiful part is: code execution is happening on a remote server, making computational resources available in Juno indefinitely extendable!


Cool analytics experience for AWS

FiveMetrics is a SaaS solution that provides a centralized view of your AWS environment. Increase cloud management effectiveness.

We focus on providing cool data visualizations with a fully automated dashboard view of your AWS services.


Travis CI for infrastructure testing

Simian CI is a tool to help software companies to develop better and more resilient applications. We inject failure into your application's infrastructure, so your team can test how your application behaves under failure conditions, and fix problems before they happen.